About Michael Duffy


My experience has evolved from working with successful entrepreneurs within a very diverse industry network, plus lessons gained by the pitfalls and solutions from seasoned professionals.

I started creating business solution strategies and new ventures at the early age of 19. Experience from the venture winners and the lessons gained from the pitfall losers.

In 1978 I decided to pursue a sales career in retail, collecting sales awards on the way which led to business to business sales, then I was promoted into sales management, which evolved into years of independent manufacturer Rep sales, consulting, including business start up ventures. 

A Few Past Experiences


 * My past has included presenting a proposal in front of the NASA  procurement team in Florida, all originating by simply turning a thought into an action, creating a planned approach, making that first "cold" call and create the business relationship.

  * I previously created a service concept for Fiber Optic Equipment servicing within remote GTE Telephone locations. I met the decision maker "in person", asked him to try one location in a test trial and to give me a chance. The hand shake for a two week trial grew into a six year service contract in 3 States.

* One of my largest challenges led to presenting a project proposal from a Colorado manufacturer and presenting it in front of the Mayo Clinic Facility Directors and closing a energy management project within the entire Rochester, Mayo Clinic campus.



 " I highly recommend Michael Duffy to increase your sales".

Yohan J. CEO / Chicago, IL

"Mike helped me a great deal to improve and shorten selling cycles,  communications, negotiating and closing". 

Ben E. Business Development Manager - Chicago IL.

" Mike, thank you for your direct involvement within our energy management project, it was greatly appreciated". 

Robert Y. Facility Director - Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN

"Michael, thank you for helping us get our Medical Therapy devices into the MN TWINS MLB organization for test trials". 

Charles V. CEO - Colorado