About Michael Duffy

A Few Past Experiences

A Few Past Experiences


My experience has evolved from working with entrepreneurs within several different industries, plus lessons gained by the pitfall solutions from seasoned professionals.

Experience from the venture winners and the valued lessons gained from the venture losers.

In 1978 I decided to pursue a sales career in retail, collecting sales Awards along the the way, which led to business-to-business sales, onto the next stages, I was recruited into sales management positions. 

Now, my years of experience has evolved into being a Sales Coach. 

Truly enjoying a career sweet spot, while seeing the improved results past onto  others and gain new sales.

- Michael Duffy  

A Few Past Experiences

A Few Past Experiences

A Few Past Experiences


 * My past has included presenting a proposal in front of the NASA  procurement team in Florida. My first true leap of faith  challenge originated by building my confidence to go for it. Simply turning an idea into action, creating a planned approach, making that first "cold" call and create the business relations.

  * I also previously created a service concept for Fiber Optic Equipment servicing within the remote GTE Telephone locations in the Midwest. I met the decision maker, asked him to try one location in a test trial and to give me a chance. The hand shake for a two week trial grew into a 6 year service contract covering 3 States.

* One of my largest challenges led to presenting a project proposal in front of the Mayo Clinic Facility Directors and closing a 2013 Energy Management project within the entire Mayo Clinic campus in Rochester, MN.


A Few Past Experiences



 " I highly recommend Michael Duffy to increase your sales".

Yohan J. CEO / Chicago, IL

"Mike helped me a great deal to improve and shorten selling cycles,  communications, negotiating and closing". 

Ben E. Business Development Manager - Chicago IL.

" Mike, thank you for your direct involvement within our energy management project, it was greatly appreciated". 

Robert Y. Facility Director - Mayo Clinic, Rochester, MN

"Michael, thank you for helping us get our Medical Therapy devices into the MN TWINS MLB organization for testing trials". 

Charles V. CEO - Colorado