NOTE* Check with your Employer for Reimbursement Eligibility, or Income Deduction Eligibility from your 

TAX professional. Coaching is now available Nationwide!

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Need just one week kick start of coaching?

*Only $89.00 per person / per week

2 Express Coaching Call Sessions


Need more time?

Have a couple sessions every week. 

*Only $239.00 per person / per month

8 Express Coaching Call Sessions


Need Entire Staff Consulting and Sales Coaching? 

BUNDLE Savings Plan 

Express Coaching Call Sessions  

Includes New Project Sales Development

*Only $1,599.00 per month

Ideal for Sales Staff and Management

(Up to 8 individuals)

No Apps, No CD's, or No Books to Purchase

No Upfront Fees and No Contract Required

Please Note:

** Appointment sessions are NOW available M-F 6:00 PM until 9:00 PM Central Time, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Saturdays 

Additional sessions will cover feedback, selling results, motivation and challenges resolved, then taking next steps for building on business rapport improvement and relationships. 

Continue as needed. Each week takes on new next steps into building genuine and lasting business relations, effective sales presentations, trial closing scenarios, or assessments of missed closing opportunities and more.